Grow your footwear sales with a size-free shopping experience!

We empower your footwear e-commerce to finally
sell shoes online in the right size.


• Each shoe fits differently.
• Each manufacturer sizes differently.
• Each market has their own sizing scale.

This chaos confuses your online shoppers and hurts your revenues.

Sky-high return rates should not be the norm.
Neither should frustrated customers and low conversion rates.

Let machine learning technology step in and handle sizing for you.

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Sell more shoes
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Lower returns
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* Proven by customer-controlled A/B tests
5%+ more net revenue!
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"Ever since we went live with the Size Advisor® on our website, we’ve seen an increase in conversion rates,
meaning our customers have now more
confidence to finalize their purchase.”

Philip Stratmann, Head of eShop & eReporting, LLOYD Germany

"They have had an amazing impact on growing our footwear sales, acquiring and retaining new customers and making sure our customers keep their shoes. We have seen a significantly lower return rate since implementation.

I would recommend any emerging brand to sign up!"

Benoît Habfast CEO of Caval

"ShoeSizeMe has had a very high on impact on our sales by drastically improving our conversion rates....

I fully recommend ShoeSize.Me to retailers with an online presence."

Gregor Bernhardt, Managing Director ANWR Meda Gmbh

"ShoeSize.Me has helped us significantlyto convert insecure shoppers while reducing returns.

A must have for any online shoe retailer.”

Matthias Fröhlicher, Co-Founder,

"...Having a footwear focused technology really pays out on the bottom line…”

Christoph Gawlik, Head of Online Marketing, Görtz

"ShoeSizeMe was a fantastic way to reassure our customers. Buying online, although the norm, can still be a pretty daunting task especially for new customers. This plug in gave them the confidence that they were buying right, first time!"

Rhian Nicholls, e-commerce m,anager

"... It helps prevent multiple size orders, and the subsequent hassle
of having to return the wrong pair…”

Sabine Schwärzler, Head of e-Commerce, Vögele Shoes

"... The ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor gives our customers the
necessary confidence in sizing to go through with the purchase…”

Eric Braunshweiler, CEO, Glide'n Lock Footwear

Sell more shoes • Reduce returns •
Control sizing with machine learning

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