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The first industry-wide data platform of size & fit data for footwear brands.

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What is ShoeSize.Me?

Technology focused on footwear
Our technology understands the size and fit of every brand, type of footwear and model. Behind our technology stands the first industry-wide platform for footwear Size & Fit data consisting of millions of shoe models and real consumer purchase behaviour across markets, retailers and brands. 
Size Advisor for eCommerce
Our Size Advisor solution resolves the sizing chaos for online shops and online shoppers. This solution helps to immediately increase online net revenues by more than 3%.
Solutions for footwear brands
Our technology has been mapped out from the very beginning to fix the sizing issue in footwear at its very root. After the Size Advisor is installed, we work with Footwear Brands and Retailers to detect and resolve sizing inconsistencies.
How It Works


Size Advisor
For Online Shops

To get started, deploy the Size Advisor on your online shop and allow your customers to buy footwear faster, more easily and in the correct size. This solution delivers an immediate uplift of more than 3% to your current net footwear revenue.

Data Platform

The Size Advisor is powered by a transaction-based, data-driven technology made exclusively for footwear. Our technology is a data platform that gathers purchase and product data across brands and retailers. It understands the size and fit of every brand, type of footwear and every shoe model on the market.

Size Normalizing

Our data platform allows footwear brands and shoe manufacturers to resolve sizing inconsistencies at the very root. Our platform points out sizing inconsistencies and allows to compare any brand's sizing to market benchmark.

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by up to 4x

Reduced Size-RELATED Returns by up to 20%

Increased Spendings PER Visitor by up to 10%


Proven and A/B tested results of our Size Advisor


 The Size Advisor generates an immediate net revenue uplift through:


20% Less Size-RELATED Returns

10% Higher Net Order Value

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Footwear brands and retailers we actively work with


Kickers is part of Pentland Group plc, a privately held, global brand management British company, involved in the sports, outdoor and fashion markets.


Ludwig Görtz GmbH is a German shoe trading company and was founded in 1875 in Barmbek b. Hamburg. It has around 160 branches of different distribution channels in Germany and Austria.


LLOYD is a leading Footwear Brand  founded in 1888 in Bremen and famous for it's elegant business shoes. Lloyd is headquartered in Sulingen, Germany and part of the Ara AG.

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We chose ShoeSize.Me over other Size & Fit solutions,
as we came to conclusion that having a footwear focused technology really pays out on the bottom line. We tested the effect on returns in a comprehensive A/B test against our internal size help tool.

ShoeSize.Me came out as the clear winner and significantly reduces returns.

Head of Online Marketing


"At Voegele Shoes the customer is taking center stage. Therefore we are proud to have integrated ShoeSize.Me in our online shop since February 2015. The Size Advisor helps our customers to find their perfect shoe size with only a few clicks. It has helped prevent multiple size orders, and the subsequent hassle involved of having to return the wrong pair. The boost in customer satisfaction shows also in fewer returns and an increased conversion rate. The collaboration with ShoeSize.Me has been a great success."

Head of eCommerce

Karl vögele AG

"The ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor helps our customers to buy with more confidence. The reduced return rate alone was able to generate significant additional value every month for La Redoute. Moving forward, we are going to actively promote the usage of the Size Advisor to all of our customers."

Brand & eStore Manager

La Redoute Switzerland

"We realized that lots of potential customers refrain from buying shoes because they don’t know which size to choose. The Size Advisor gives our customers the necessary confidence in sizing to go through with the purchase. This results in an increase in our conversion rate."



"Overall, I think the tool is helping a lot of people and lowering the amount of time customers need to put in to figure out their sizes. So, we are super happy about that."

Director of Sales and Business Development


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