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ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor©  
An effective add-on to your e-commerce product pages to deliver a more intuitive online experience to your shoppers. Give them the confidence to buy more shoes and return less.
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ShoeSize.Me Brand Profile©
Add your sizing information on the fastest-growing footwear brand database. We standardize your sizing data, benchmark it across all international scales and make it accessible to vendors worldwide.
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Size Selector©  
Replace old-fashioned size charts or confusing fit information from your website with our Size Selector©. It shows your brand's sizing information and on-request size recommendation to 100% of your customers just at the right moment.
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increasing net revenue

Discover how the Size Advisor® helped the German brand LLOYD get a revenue increase of €70.000 in 6 months.

Get all the details including: drop in return rates and higher conversion rates that helped boost business for LLOYD.

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ShoeSize.Me Size Benchmarking display
Measure all your shoe models and reference them against other footwear brands across the world. Discover how your brand compares to the market average and ensure you manufacture shoes following sizing benchmarks.

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