ShoeSize.Me is a Swiss technology company. Our mission is to build the data backbone for the footwear industry. We have offices in Olten, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain.

Timo Steitz
CEO & Founder
David Moore
Chief Operating Officer
Alberto Lopez
Chief Data Officer
Paul Davis
Chief Commercial Officer
Markus Düblin
Ettore Weilenmann
Chairman & Founder
Wilhelm Steitz,
CFO & Founder
Claudia Neuenschwader
‍Advisory Board
Balz Roth
Advisory Board
Alexander Wyss
Full Stack Developer
Federico Crivellaro
UX & Full Stack Developer
Marcela Castro
Senior Data Engineer
Matthew Barton
Account Manager
Fernanda Camargo
Onboarding Specialist
Long Lin
Technical Support
Juan Silva
Data Management
Manel Garcia
Data Management
Lilian Cho
Data Management
Yuri Tolstik