Cut down your online returns
& increase your NET sales

A/B tested return rate reduction of 5% or more. Guaranteed.

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The leading size and fit technology for footwear guarantees the most accurate shoe size recommendations on the market. It helps reduce product returns for 95% of all SKUs implemented.
Exclusively created for footwear
Technology based on real customer data
The recommendations are based on customer purchase data and processed by an artificially intelligent algorithm.
The size recommendation engine powers the front-end user interface for your online product pages. When your shoppers use it, they indicate another shoe model they wear well and get a size recommendation in a few seconds.
Must-have solution for e-commerce
This must-have solution adapts seamlessly to both smaller operators and global e-commerce retailers.


custom to your e-commerce

Data-driven AI technology
preferred by footwear brands

Covers all retailed brands,
in-house and white labels

All languages and country
sub-sites included

Optional A/B testing
with an independent provider

API solution &
white labelling

Customised interface
to match your brand image


The private-access performance dashboard reveals powerful data about the purchase behaviour of your shoppers.
Track your conversion rate increase
Historic average: +9% increase
Watch how your return rates decrease
Historic average: -13% lower after 3-4 months
Monitor your net revenue growth
Historic average 4-6% increase

The Performance Data shows you transparently how the behaviour of your shoe shoppers changes.

From unlikely to buy or highly likely to return or exchange, they turn into confident shoppers who buy more and keep the products purchased.
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Dramatically reduce your return rates, save big on operational costs, and earn extra net revenue for your e-shop.

A 5% return rate reduction is guaranteed.

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Customers will stop ordering multiple sizes to try at home, and will confidently return to your shop for the superior experience.

Your net revenue increases by up to 4% (A/B tested).

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Boost your online shoppers’ confidence to select the right shoe size and drive them to finalize the purchase.

Likelihood of purchase with size help is 3x or higher.

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We chose ShoeSize.Me over other size & fit solutions as we came to the conclusion that having a footwear focused technology really pays out on the bottom line.

Christoph Gawlik
Head of Online Marketing

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€120.000 yearly savings in return costs

Vögele Shoes

“It helped prevent multiple size orders, and the subsequent hassle of having to return the wrong pair. The boost in customer satisfaction shows also in fewer returns and an increased conversion rate.”

Sabine Schwärzler
Head of e-Commerce

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- 19,6% return rate reduction


“We chose ShoeSize.Me over other solutions for footwear, as it delivers a significantly higher net revenue on our footwear sales, and we’ve seen a significant reduction in returns.”

Myriam Seidt
Head of shop management

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A smooth, standarized onboarding process getting you started without affecting your IT roadmap.
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✔ Footwear-exclusive AI technology covering all your shoes
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