A transaction-based and data-driven technology made for footwear.

Footwear offers a unique set of challenges, and thus requires a dedicated approach.
This is why it is our pure focus.

The best way to understand footwear sizing is knowing what shoes people wear.
This is why we capture real market data on what shoes people wear.

Our technology is purely data-driven and gathers purchase and product data across brands and retailers.
This is why we understand the size and fit of every brand, type of footwear and every shoe model. 

30+ million Purchases Analyized

 4000+ Footwear Brands

 1+ million Shoe Models 

Swiss Engineered - Swiss Precision

Footwear DATA Platform

An industry-wide data platform for footwear

Inconsistent sizing is rooted in the fact that each footwear brand and manufacturer defines their own sizing. In the absence of an industry standard in sizing, it is almost impossible as a footwear brand to take full control of sizing. In a world where brands and manufacturers would collectively follow a market sizing benchmark, selecting and buying the right size would no longer be an issue.

This is exactly what the ShoeSize.Me technology does, by helping consumers to select their correct size (Size Advisor) and using this data to point out sizing inconsistencies to brands (Size Normalizing).

Applying both functions of ShoeSize.Me technology allows retailers and brands to gain control over the sizing chaos
and to minimize the symptoms profoundly.


Our Size Advisor allows you to eliminate any doubt about size and fit for your customers, leading to increased conversion and customer confidence when shopping online.

Online shoppers simply have to click on the button "Need size advice?" and enter a shoe that they already wear and fits well. Based on this reference the Size Advisor calculates the best fitting size for the shoe she or he wants to buy.

Your customers will buy more and return less.

The Size Advisor is a self-learning technology, that means once integrated it learns how your shop's and your brand's shoes fit.

SIZE NormalizinG
For Brands

Inconsistent sizing is rooted in the fact that each footwear brand and manufacturer defines their own sizing.

Our Data Platform is a source of industry-wide and consistent size & fit data, based on real customer transactions.

This data allows brands to benchmark and understand sizing against market sizing and thus minimize these inconsistencies.

For Retailers & MarketPlaces

A common issue for retailers and market places is that it can be difficult to provide correct sizing online, across different international size scales and brands, due to sizing inconsistencies present in the industry. Due to this we see that many businesses have incomplete or estimated scale conversions. This can be a real conversion killer, as well as leading to consumer confusion, and as a result higher return rates. 

With the Size Normalizing we can localise scales according to manufacturer data. We have compiled detailed size guides of 3000+ brands in all major global scales. We provide you the ability to input inaccurate or incomplete sizing information through our API, and we will return you this data normalised using correct the correct manufacturer size data. This can then be stored directly in your back-end systems, allowing you to display correct size information clearly and consistently.

This is proven to reduce returns, and boost conversion markedly as well as giving your customers a consistently great shopping experience.