Big data can help you sell the right-size shoes

The transaction-based platform that brings the traditional shoe sizing expertise into the web shop.

How does the Size Advisor® work?

The Size Advisor® is connected to our intelligent technology that runs in the background. When a shopper requests a size recommendation based on a pair of shoes they already wear well, the technology pulls data from previous customers who bought the same product and fit well the same model. The technology works based on the right fit of real-life customers.

By storing data about footwear brands' models and categories together with customer transaction information from around the globe, we are able to give the most accurate advice on the market, with the highest statistical probability of precision.


Our expertise comes from being on conventional store floors learning from footwear professionals about how they recommend the right fit. From hundreds of hours in the lab analyzing footwear specific information like feet profiles, foot arch and width not just length; shoe models and sole features.  From matching hundreds of thousands of shoppers with all footwear types from flip-flops to boots, and specialty footwear like cycling or climbing shoes.

One product

Our intelligent platform continuously cross-references any shoe model on every international scale in our global product database, so you can sell your shoes at the right size to any shopper globally.

To recommend the right size, the Size Advisor® pulls product information from around the world, and customer transaction feedback, ensuring the highest statistical probability to get it right on the market.


The self-learning technology improves its algorithm with every purchase, understanding how your shoes fit people, and at the same time how they correspond with the shoe models and sizes of other brands.
We create a system of interconnected shoes, and with every pair added to the platform, we are able to perfect the recommendation accuracy and validate the right size for your shoppers.


We brought the traditional in-store shoe fitting expertise online. Because scanning seemed like a good idea. But a hassle to implement and slow to adopt by shoppers. Size charts are hardly ever accurate, as they apply a simplistic market scaling to hundreds of shoe manufacturers, with different design norms. Physical sizing gadgets are expensive and irrelevant for your e-commerce. That is why our Advisor© is based on big data.

The finest data

We treat each shoe model within a brand individually, we don’t bulk together different models from the same category.
A pair of Kickers Hisplit is not the same as a pair of Kickers Hisuma in our book, even if they are both within the ankle-boot category. As each shoe brand and model has a unique fit, we keep our data individualized with a meticulous precision to ensure the best recommendations.

Suitable for
private labels

The Size Advisor© also works with private labels, in-house labels and seasonal footwear you might sell.
The technology predicts the right size and fit with the help of our historic data. It also optimizes within the shortest time the size recommendation once the pair of shoes is sold online, the transaction recorded and included in our self-learning technology.

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